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Learn Step-By-Step How To Make A Documentary

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"Documentary Fundamentals is more detailed than my filmmaking degree but summed up more efficiently and taught in a more engaging way, for a fraction of the cost."

-Henry Donald, Film Graduate

"This course has been incredibly valuable to my development in documentary filmmaking... I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in unlocking their creativity through the art of documentary filmmaking."

-Amanda Mitchell, Beginner Filmmaker

"Documentary Fundamentals has been such a great resource and community for learning the essential elements of documentary filmmaking."

-Zak Bentley, Documentary Filmmaker

Fast-Track Your Filmmaking Journey

Dreaming of making a compelling documentary but don't know how to get started? Unleash your filmmaking potential and supercharge your filmmaking skills with our online course 'Documentary Fundamentals'!

Skip the expensive years in traditional film school or the time-consuming scrolling on YouTube. We've condensed the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking into easy, actionable steps. With practical tasks, engaging quizzes, and helpful workbooks, learn faster and smarter.

Create documentaries that not only tell powerful stories but also create a lasting impact. Our course is affordable, flexible, and designed for speed. Plus, you get lifetime access. So why wait?

Documentary Fundamentals is your launchpad to a thrilling filmmaking journey. Let's start making your dream documentary today!

"this is the course for you"

by Hunter Williams - Documentary Filmmaker

"I would recommend Documentary Fundamentals to any budding or aspiring filmmakers looking to begin the process of making their own documentary. If you want to learn in a practical way, then this is the course for you."

Documentary Fundamentals will help you:

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Decide what kit to buy

Explore various equipment options to assist you in choosing the most suitable for your project.

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Develop a compelling idea

Discover the key elements required to craft a riveting film that captivates and thrills your audience.

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Put together a film crew

Learn new strategies and insights for assembling a team to help realise your documentary vision.

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Get your film funded

Discover our tried and tested strategies to get funding for your dream documentary project.

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Master camera settings

Master your camera settings with confidence using our step-by-step guides and cheat sheets.

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Create cinematic shots

Discover our step-by-step guide to achieving stunning visuals, regardless of location.

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Edit your documentary

Follow our step-by-step guide to transform your footage into a captivating documentary.

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Market your film

Learn strategies and techniques to ensure your film doesn't get forgotten about and gets seen by the world.

Learn Step-by-step How to Make a Documentary

Our fast-track documentary course will empower you with the skills, resources, and confidence you need to bring your dream documentary to life.

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Supercharge your filmmaking journey with Documentary Fundamentals


  • Welcome to Documentary Fundamentals
  • What filmmaking Kit Should I buy?
  • The Documentary Filmmakers Checklist
  • 7 Tips for Documentary Filmmakers
Module 1


  • Intro to Pre-production
  • Find your idea
  • Three-Act Structure
  • How to put together a film crew
  • How to create a treatment
Module 2


  • Intro to producing
  • How to fund your¬†documentary
  • How to create a budget
  • How to put together a schedule
  • How to create a production binder
  • How to create a callsheet
Module 3

Camera Basics

  • Intro to camera basics
  • Camera resolution
  • Frame rates
  • Aspect ratio
  • Picture profile
  • White balance
  • Depth of field & focal length
Module 4

Filmmaking Techniques (P1)

  • Intro to filmmaking techniques
  • Composition
  • Exposure
  • Camera angles
  • Camera movement
Module 5

Filmmaking Techniques (P2)

  • Keeping your subject in focus
  • Natural lighting
  • How to record sound on location
  • Preparing for interviews
  • How to film an interview¬†
Module 6

Editing Your Documentary

  • Overview of editing workflow
  • Labeling, syncing & organising
  • Transcribing your footage
  • Paper edit
  • Assembly edit
  • Rough cut
  • Fine edit
Module 7


  • Intro to¬†marketing
  • Online vs festival film release
  • Tips to successful social media marketing
Sebastian Solberg

Meet Your Instructor

Learn documentary filmmaking from award-winning filmmaker; Sebastian Solberg. Discover the power of documentary filmmaking and learn from Sebastian's 15+ years of experience in the field and build the skills you need to create powerful, impactful documentary films.


Here are some of the amazing perks you get with Documentary Fundamentals

Expert coaching & support

We host regular video calls where you can ask questions & get feedback on your films.

Save money on software

Get discounts with our brand partners (Red Giant, Mister Horse, Noun Project and more).

Connect with a supportive community

Connect with like-minded filmmakers with our private DFA community.

Workbooks & templates

We supply templates and workbooks to help you make your documentary.

Get a certificate of completion

Complete your certification and learn filmmaking skills that will set you apart.

Lifetime access

Get lifetime access to all current and all new content that is added to this course.

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"It’s been an amazing experience!"

by Cristina Ballesteros - Netflix Editor

"Sebastian is a wonderful teacher, obviously an expert in his field and the fact that he shares his own experience as a filmmaker in every lesson is helping me so much to battle nervousness and address certain fears I have. I can’t praise Sebastian enough - It’s been an amazing experience!"

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What are our students are saying about Documentary Fundamentals?

Angharad George-Carey

Beginner Filmmaker

“I genuinely cannot tell you how much this course has lifted my confidence. I now have what Seb calls a three-act structure, a treatment, and I could pitch my idea to a room of people."

Simon Cade


“Anyone who's interested in making documentaries should get this course. I know I'll definitely be returning to specific segments as different things arise in my filmmaking career."

Erin Wallace

Content Producer

‚ÄúThis has been a smooth and clear step-by-step guide through making a documentary. I was able to learn at my own pace and go back to sections I wanted to repeat with ease.‚ÄĚ

Documentary Fundamentals

A condensed step-by-step guide to creating compelling documentaries.

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