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What's inside the Documentary Film Academy?


Inside this course I guide you through making your documentary step-by-step, from how to use your camera equipment and how to structure your story, to how to shoot, edit and market your film.

 I also share strategies for how to turn your filmmaking skills into a full-time job. The curriculum includes 50+ training videos and regular additions each year so you can keep learning and stay up-to-date with the latest filmmaking trends.

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 DFA is a course and community that teaches the next generation of aspiring documentary filmmakers the essential skills they need to master the art of storytelling, business and marketing in the digital age.
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What Do Our Members Say?

Natalia Fricker

"Life-changing. Seb gave me the confidence to make my film, and the motivation to keep going. The modules being in bite-size chunks means I can dip in and out alongside my full-time job."

Henry Donald

“More detail than my film degree, summed up better, taught in a more engaging way, for a fraction of the cost. The story section gave me so many light bulb moments of things I hadn't grasped at uni."

Erin Wallace

"Learning from Seb's experience and feedback is worth more than any price tag. I can relate it to my work, take on more responsibility, and grow in an industry I'm truly passionate about."

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

We want to add as much value to you as possible, to help save you time and money when making your documentary. But if you don’t feel we’re doing that for you, then we respect that and are happy to give you your money back within 30 days of purchase.

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