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The complete guide to creating cinematic documentaries

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7 modules taking you from idea to completed film.

Module 1


  • Intro to storytelling
  • Find your idea
  • Choosing your narration style
  • Visual storytelling techniques
  • Character arc
  • Three act structure
  • Balancing storytelling with truth
  • Writing interview questions
Storytelling - Documentary Film Academy
Producing - Documentary Film Academy
Module 2


  • Intro to producing
  • How to put together a film crew
  • How to create a treatment
  • How to put together a schedule
  • How to create a budget
  • How to fund your project
  • How to create a production binder
  • How to create a callsheet
Module 3

Camera Basics

  • Intro to camera basics
  • Camera resolution
  • Frame rates
  • Aspect ratio
  • Picture profile
  • White balance
  • Exposure
  • Depth of field & focal length
Camera Basics - Documentary Film Academy
Directing & Filming - Documentary Film Academy
Module 4

Directing & Filming

  • Intro to directing & filming
  • Composition
  • Camera angles
  • Camera movement
  • How to film an interview
  • Keeping your subject in focus
  • Natural lighting
  • How to record sound on location
Module 5


  • Intro to editing
  • Overview of editing workflow
  • Labeling, syncing & organising
  • Transcribing your footage
  • Paper edit
  • Assembly edit
  • Rough cut
  • Fine edit
  • The power of sound design
Editing - Documentary Film Academy
Marketing - Documentary Film Academy
Module 6


  • Intro to marketing
  • Online vs festival film release
  • Tips to successful social media marketing
Module 7


  • Intro to business
  • How to make a living as a filmmaker
  • Embrace failure
  • My favourite business books
  • Mental health & motivation
Business - Documentary Film Academy


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What are our members saying about DFA?

Angharad George-Carey

Beginner Filmmaker

“I genuinely cannot tell you how much this course has lifted my confidence. I now have what Seb calls a three-act structure, a treatment, and I could pitch my idea to a room of people."

Simon Cade


“Anyone who's interested in making documentaries should get this course. I know I'll definitely be returning to specific segments as different things arise in my filmmaking career."

Erin Wallace

Content Producer

“This has been a smooth and clear step-by-step guide through making a documentary. I was able to learn at my own pace and go back to sections I wanted to repeat with ease.”

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