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What is the Documentary Film Academy?

The Documentary Film Academy (DFA) is an online course platform. We focus on the craft of documentary filmmaking. The DFA philosophy sets out to inspire a new wave of filmmakers no matter their background to go out and make films.

Who builds and runs the course?

All the courses are built and run by Sebastian Solberg. He's a documentary filmmaker with over 15 years of experience. You can check out his portfolio here.

Who are these courses built for?

These courses are built for anyone interested in making films. Whether you’re a beginner making your first short, a photographer or journalist venturing into video, or a videographer looking to make films, DFA is here to help.

How do I take the Documentary Film Academy course?

You’ll be able to purchase and take our courses entirely within our website and using the Teachable app. When you purchase the course, you’ll create an account during checkout. After checking out, you’ll be able to navigate to the My Courses tab to see your purchased courses. Simply click on the course you wish to view and you’ll be taken to your course. Also, our courses are also completely on-demand. This means you can skip a lesson, or re-watch a lesson at your own convenience. You can binge the full course in one sitting, or space it out over as much time as you want. You’ll always have the control to take our courses at your own pace.

How long will I have access to my course?

For life! When you purchase the Documentary Film Academy course you’ll have lifetime access to the course and any updates.

Are courses available worldwide?

Yes. Anyone anywhere in the world can take the Documentary Film Academy course. However, courses and additional resources (workbook, texts, etc) are currently only available in English.

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