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Discover my 10 tips to creating cinematic documentaries and 7 steps to becoming a professional filmmaker

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What camera gear & accessories to use

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Techniques to get that 'cinematic look'

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Storytelling secrets & tools

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Roadmap to become a pro filmmaker

Hosted by Sebastian Solberg, founder of the Documentary Film Academy

I'm Sebastian, a documentary filmmaker and commercials director based in the UK.


I've made films and TV series for top brands like Google, Canon and Red Bull. I've directed and produced 30 short films, many winning awards. And I've worked on 10 feature films including the Oscar-shortlisted documentary, The Eagle Huntress.

I created the Documentary Film Academy because I have a passion for teaching and want to help more people tell stories through cinematic documentaries. I hope you'll join me on my free documentary training!


In this training, you'll discover:

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Some of the brands that Sebastian has made films for:

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Natalia Fricker

"I learnt so much from this filmmaking training. I  wouldn't have been able to make my first documentary without the techniques Seb teaches in this class."

Henry Donald

"This training is very engaging and motivating. It simplifies the filmmaking process and empowers you to start making your film. I challenge you to do it and not be inspired!"

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